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Who are we ?

Muriel Julliard

Born in 1962 in Geneva, Muriel Julliard grabs the opportunity to live one year in Chile when she is 15. Since then she just loves Latin America, its culture, its music, its people. After studying Applied Languages in Aix-en-Provence (France), she works in Geneva in the field of human rights, then returns to Latin America (Cuba, Peru, Paraguay, Argentina) for a few years. Back in Europe, she studies Conference Interpretation at the ETI of Geneva, obtaining the diploma in 1996. She works ever since as a freelance translator and interpreter (French and Spanish A, English C) and organizes the interpretation logistics of many international meetings.

Luis Carlos García Nombela

Luis Carlos García NombelaBorn in Geneva in 1962, Luis Carlos García Nombela studies Arts and Litterature (Spanish, History and Romanic Tradition) and then Translation (Spanish, French, English). Working as freelance translator for nearly all his adult life, he also enjoys teaching. Frustrated by the imposition of Spanish teaching methods that he considers too childish for the student and too boring for the teacher, he starts in 1984 the conception and writing of a language-teaching method that would solve the problem. He completes it in 2004 (first edition of the Spanish version « Tú mismo »). While he’s at it, he writes « De bon aloi à bon escient», a short educational booklet aimed at French-speaking adults who want to resist the surrounding decline of their mother tongue.


The close collaborators with whom we work are persons to be wholly trusted : usually in their forties, they are highly experimented professionals qualified in the best schools of translation and interpretation.

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