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Spanish courses

This course, be it private or in small groups, is based on the method Tú mismo, specifically conceived for French-speaking adults who would like (or have to) become fluent in Spanish. Its innovative approach, both pragmatical and fun, allows the student to rapidly grasp the grammatical, lexical and cultural fundamentals of the Spanish language.

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French workshop in a professional environment

The workshop is based on the booklet De bon aloi à bon escient and is aimed at French-speaking adults who would like to correct and enliven their mother tongue.

The participant learns how to better use the reference books, link ideas, know and use the best turns of French phrases, and, through various exercices and mnemonic tricks, learns to avoid barbarisms and mistakes, find exactly the requested word, give nuances to his(her) speech, make short sentences...

The workshop lasts two full days or six two-hours sessions.

More information (in French only)

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